Parque Nacional Corcovado

Perhaps the most famous attraction in the area is Corcovado National Park. Here is what has been said about Corcovado: ' Corcovado is unquestionably the most raw, challenging and rewarding park in Costa Rica. It is truly the mother of all parks Corcovado presents, perhaps, the best opportunity to view such a large variety of wildlife.'.

It's possible to talk about the reason why Corcovado National Park draws so many people to it every year. This park protects 44,484.00 hectares, divided in marine area of 1,914.00 hectares. And the land area rich the 42,570.00 hectares. Because of its isolated location, Corcovado protects animals that are scarce in other areas, such as the tapir, the crocodile, the ocelot, the jaguar, the giant anteater and the harpy eagle. Marine turtles such as the leatherback, the olive ridley and the green turtles arrive to nest at Llorona Beach, which is fortunately included in the park....

Corcovado National Park is truly a biological gem. It can also prove to be an incredible adventure, both before getting there and afterwards. This is where visitors have more of a chance of spotting rare wild animals, and of temporarily inhabiting one of the world's most pristine and unspoiled areas. Its isolation, rather than being a disadvantage, is a great benefit for the area, because it keeps the effects of civilization down to a minimum. Corcovado National Park should be visited before the number of visitors increases, thus spoiling its virginal nature. .

San Pedrillo

San Pedrillo Enjoy at the northern station, an all day-guided tour leaves around 7:00 a.m after 30 minutes boat ride you will arrive to San Pedrillo, then you will start exploring the amazing forest, the animals and the birds in their own habitat. Around mid day you will be back in the ranger station for lunch and rest time. The adventure continues with a hike starting along the San Pedrillo river, you can also swim in the holes at the pristine waterfall, and and around 2:00 a.m you will be at the beach to take the boat ride back to the hotel.


Sirena Leaving around 6:00 a.m and after of an hour and a half boat ride, you will arrive at the southern station Sirena, where you will start an all-day guided tour, exploring this secondary forest, where TAPIR´s are seen many of the days. There are also many others animals and birds, including some endangered species. Afterwards you will be back at the ranger station for lunch and rest time. In the early afternoon you will start exploring the trail on the way to the beach arriving around 1:30 p.m in the beach to take the boat and start the ride back, if the ocean conditions are favorable you will have the chance to see the spectacular ¨Llorona¨ waterfall, and with a bit of luck you might see some dolphins and whales on the ride back to the hotel.

Snorkel en la Isla del Caño

Snorkel en la Isla del Caño Leaving at 7:00 a.m and after of an hour of boat ride you will arrive to the Island, During the morning you will do snorkeling at the coral gardens. There are many colorful fish and reef sharks are common (and harmless). Them you will be back at the ranger station for lunch and rest time, after lunch you have two options: walk in the trails of the Island or snorkel one more time. On most days, dolphins and sea turtles are seen on this tour. You will be back in the hotel around 2:30 or 3:00 p.m

Diving at Caño Island

Diving at Caño Island After an hour by boat you will arrive at one of the three diving points near the island. You will explore a small part of the Pacific waters by tow emersions, one in the morning and the other after lunch and rest time, after of the second emersion, will start the ride back where might be possible to see dolphins or whales. When you are in your lucky days!! This trip will be back in by the hotel around 2:30 or 3:00 p.m

El Trillo de la Danta

El Trillo de la Danta Walk along the trails of the station, crossing its primary and secondary forest, and with great luck observe animals such as saínos, pizotes, guatusas, dantas, sloths, observe great variety of birds like red lapas, toucans, hawks, hummingbirds, or Contemplates to the white and red monkeys to cross the tree tops with great dexterity and then finish in a natural pool near a waterfall where you can enjoy the freshness of its crystalline waters

Bird Watching

Bird Watching Enjoy a short hike in the area, where you will have the chance to see the some of the 400 species of birds found in this area. The morning is the better to do this hike. You can do it by yourselves or with a guide for two or three hours.

Night Hike

Night Hike You have the chance to see the amazing nocturnal animals of the place. We will take you in a guide walk. During this hike you will be exploring the forest with flashlights. Also you will have the chance to see night creatures such as scorpions, katydids, spiders, snakes, sleeping birds and some nocturnal mammals, All this adventure for two or three hours in the forest!!!!

Whale and Dolphin

Whale and Dolphin This tour is completely devoted to large marine mammals; you will be searching offshore for more than twenty different species of dolphin and whales. If the conditions are right you may also be afforded the opportunity to see a breaching whale!

Corcovado Canopy Tour

Corcovado Canopy Tour This tour allow family members from 4 to 75 years old to safely pass from tree to tree, via a safety harness and cable, high above the forest .You will be in untouched primary rainforest and able to discover biodiversity and its richness well above the normal hiking trails. We have 13 different platforms, and 12 cables, cables range from 190 to 450 metros longer, and 80 metros observation tower with beautiful view, all this for about three of four hours!!

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing The Pacific Ocean teems with life; you can spend a day here fishing these beautiful deep blue waters for Marlin, Swordfish, Mackerel, Roosterfish and dozens more.We offer different size boats for different price ranges and we will gladly cook your catch, for your evening’s dinner.

Rent a Kayak

Rent a Kayak You can explore the Ocean and the rivers by yourselves, and you can enjoy the adventure by hour or full day, also you can rent a kayak to see the amazing sunsets on the bay.